Ep 27: Can They Do That??

There have been some discussions on various forums for VAs about cheap labour providers offering services for $5 per hour or less and usually these relate to offshore providers. But it seems there is now a new breed of contractor offering services for this price right here in Australia. This raised the question “Can they do that??”

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I refer to the ATO’s employer -v- contractor tool. The link is here:



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2 thoughts on “Ep 27: Can They Do That??

  1. I admit I am not intimidated by cheaper labour. I really like the point about turning it back on the business and asking if they would work for $5 per hour. Personally I have hired both cheap and premium services for my own needs. But I couldn’t justify using cheap labour to subcontract my own expertise. Nor would I want to.

    Thanks for your resource on contractor vs employee. I always learn something new from your episodes.

    But do businesses in Australia really expect a contractor from Australia to work for that little? hmm..

    1. Thanks for your comments Mark 🙂 Unfortunately there are businesses in Australia who do ask for these cheap rates – others that will even hold it over the contractor: “I can get the same job done for 1/10th the price!” Okay then ….. And it does work for some businesses – as you’ve found you can outsource some of your work for cheaper rates but not others. Thanks again for taking the time to comment!

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