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Here’s what some of our listeners have had to say:

“I’ve just started listening – but, this is a very professional presentation. I’m impressed and learning more about the world of Virtual Assistance… thank you!”
-Bill Pinder, USA, Author

“I thoroughly enjoy your podcasts. They are beautifully delivered, well researched and full of informative and very relevant issues … and I love the intro music! Very, very catchy! A big well done and thank you!”
-Kirsty Wilson, Interim Business Solutions

“Five stars!”
-Renee Chapman, The Admin Chick

“Without a doubt Lyn is professional and provides interesting information. I have attended her webinars via AVBN and found them inspiring and a source of info well worth sourcing. It is lovely to see that Lyn has branched out so successfully into podcasting, love it!”
– Michele Flynn, MIM Enterprises

This is an excellent collection of professional opinions about continuing education and how it benefits you and your business. Really beautifully done!”
Rosie Shilo

“I love your podcasts! Wonderful advice!”
– Sasha Buntman, Midnight Media

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6 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Lyn, I absolutely love your podcast!! It’s one of my all-time favourites. You have provided such a valuable resource for both those IN the industry itself, as well as anyone considering working with a VA.

    I absolutely LOVE your cleverly-delivered, unique perspective, and that you share your point of view as an experienced leader in our industry.

    I so look forward to listening to each new one as its released, so please don’t stop!

  2. Lyn: I appreciate your pod so much! It’s brief, smart, encouraging, well-organized and very nicely delivered. I’ve learned a lot from you and will keep listening! Thank you! Ruben

    1. Thank you SO much Ruben! I really appreciate your feedback. When you offer something like this to people for free (as a kind of ‘service’ or ‘giving back’ if you will) it’s nice to know it’s appreciated! Am hoping to get more shows sorted out soon but I do get very busy in my other practice so this tends to take a bit of a back seat – but hoping to rectify that! 🙂

  3. It’s nice to see you back and I look forward to listening to more of your brief but very informative podcasts…I love the intro music too…always puts a smile on my face when I hear it 🙂 (12 April 2014)

    1. Thanks for your feedback Kerry! I know, it was a bit of a looooonnnnggg hiatus but hoping to get more into things this year! Thanks for hanging in there! If you have anything you’d like covered be sure to let me know via the show suggestions page!

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