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quality clients who pay your rate

Ep 31: Good Quality Clients Who Pay Your Rate

A listener asked for a show covering how to attract good quality clients who are willing to pay your rate, and won’t try and bargain you down. This is probably the second most asked question by VAs in particular – after “How much do I charge?” In this show I share some tips from my own experiences, as well as some from industry legends Sharon Williams and Kathie Thomas.

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OIVAC – http://www.oivac.com

The 24 Hour Secretary – http://www.the24hoursecretary.com

Alliance for Virtual Business – http://www.allianceforvirtualbiz.com

VA Directory – http://www.vadirectory.net

Elizabeth Mary Hancock – https://www.elizabethmaryhancock.com


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Ep 7: Saying No to Clients

Something many business owners struggle with is saying no to clients. They are worried they might be perceived as unprofessional, unhelpful, or run the risk of actually losing clients if they say no. In the final part of our 4-part series I look at the importance of setting boundaries in your business – and for yourself – and why saying no is something we all, as business owners, need to do from time to time. And that’s okay!


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