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Ep 53: Facebook Down!!!

Earlier this week Facebook – as well as Instagram and WhatsApp – went down for about 6 hours and for some it was like the world ended. Should we be relying on these social media platforms for our businesses? I don’t think so and in this episode I explain why.

(5 minute listen)

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Resources and Mentions:

Frances Haugen – Congress address on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg posts an essay to Facebook


Ep 22: Putting the ‘Social’ Back into Social Media

Social media seems to have lost something over recent years – being social. And we seem to have forgotten that Facebook is a tool – a service provided to us for free, but people complain about how it’s “always changing”. Are we too focused on the drama and have lost the ability to be social in this new ‘faceless’ age of communication?


© Lyn Prowse-Bishop – The Virtual Business Show