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Ep 58: The Real Cost of Staff

Onsite staff don’t just cost you their annual salary and on costs like super and worker’s comp. Not to mention lost productivity due to interruptions. Are you aware of what your staff actually cost you? Or how a Virtual Assistant can save you money?

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Research: How Many Productive Hours in a Workday?

Cost of Staff – comparison to a VA


Ep 44: Offshore Freelancers: Thoughts for Our Colleagues

I assume that many of our offshore colleagues want to be a VA for the same reasons we all do: freedom to work when we like, be our own boss, autonomy, travel, childcare or elder care needs, disability. 

Part 3 of our Offshore Freelancers series focuses on our offshore colleagues offering tips on things to consider – primary amongst them understanding what a VA actually is!

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Ep 35: The Evolution of the VA Industry

The VA industry has been going since the early 1980s! Since I began my VA journey back in 2000, the industry has certainly evolved and changed significantly. Back then we had a fledgling industry forged primarily by women who had come from years working in administration, secretarial, PA or EA roles, whereas now there are many types of VA. This means that clients need to be clear on what they’re looking for to ensure they partner with the right VA.


I mention Julie Hoflin’s (Your Versatile VA in British Columbia) infographic in the podcast which highlights the difference between what she terms Offshoring (‘the tasker’), Outsourcing (‘the side hustle’) and Contracting (‘the professional’). You can find it here.


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Ep 27: Can They Do That??

There have been some discussions on various forums for VAs about cheap labour providers offering services for $5 per hour or less and usually these relate to offshore providers. But it seems there is now a new breed of contractor offering services for this price right here in Australia. This raised the question “Can they do that??”

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I refer to the ATO’s employer -v- contractor tool. The link is here:



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