Ep 36: VA Training – Do Your Homework

Previously I’ve said that I didn’t think it was necessary for VAs to have training – however with the evolution of the VA industry and so many new VAs coming from little to no experience in an office or admin environment, and others straight from school, getting training in running a business, or a specialist niche area, is probably advisable for some. However, not all trainers are alike. You have to do your homework and ensure you’re getting what you pay for! Do your research and ensure your trainer knows what they’re talking about! Check their background and credentials before you part with your money.

Remember: the VA industry is unregulated and there is no over-arching regulating/certifying body … therefore NO training can be “certified”. Getting a certificate at the end of a training isn’t the same as that training being certified. The articles I mention in the podcast are linked below:

I also include reference to what I consider legitimate, valuable trainers and organisations.  I’ve included links to those below:

For specialist Author and Speaker Assistant training visit here.

This should be plenty to get you on the road to a successful VA practice!

History of the VA Industry infographic – find it here.

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8 thoughts on “Ep 36: VA Training – Do Your Homework

  1. This is such a concern for me as a VA industry leader and I’m so glad you brought it up Lyn. I’ve been coaching/training VAs since 2003. I’ve had so many VAs come to me in tears after spending tons of money with a VA trainer that didn’t help them get their VA business off the ground and only took their money. VAs need to do their due diligence and this list you’ve provided is a good starting point for them to learn how to become a VA. Thanks Lyn for all you do for our industry!

    1. That’s really awful Tawnya 🙁 There seems to be a LOT more – especially popping up on FB – of these types of VA training “experts”. Hopefully the list of reputable trainers provided will help new VAs pick more wisely.

  2. Sorry it’s taken me so long to listen to it Lyn. Spot on and thanks for sharing. Love all the info you’ve researched and stats you’ve listed. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Great Podcast! I’ve been seeing a lot of people pop up in the industry as trainers that I’ve never heard of and I’ve been in the industry for 10 years. New VAs really need to do their homework when selecting training programs.

  4. Such a great podcast Lyn and so important for all VAs listen to this. There are a lot of shonks out there and like other industries, unfortunately we are not immune. It’s all about awareness and as you said, doing your homework before handing over any $$.

    1. Thanks Anita! I’m constantly shocked by the number of relative newbies who are out there saying they are “expert” in this or that. 🙁

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